Paige King

speak life

I read that humans need to experience positive feelings three times as often as negative feelings to maintain a positive mood. I would counter that for writers that ratio might be much higher. Exposing my written words to public scrutiny is worse than dreaming about being naked at school. One critical comment cuts so much deeper than all the glowing compliments. Last week I received some useful...

where you lead

In 2020, we got a new puppy about six weeks before the dark time when all there was to do was sit through Zoom meetings and walk our dogs seventeen times a day. Back then, I wrote about how my stubborn puppy refused to walk if anyone but her was holding her leash. Which, of course, is silly because how often do you see dogs out in public walking themselves on leashes? Regardless, she demanded to...

lessons from turtles

I accidentally started a worm farm. It’s not as weird as it sounds. I added some red wigglers to my compost bins to aid decomposition a few years ago, and their population exploded. It’s been a win-win situation because I have great compost, and my four box turtles eat like queens. (Yes, I’m pretty sure they’re all female) In the cool of the day, they congregate around the bins waiting for me to...

About Stephanie


I am a biologist and former high school science teacher with a loud family. My husband, kids, and I like big dogs and Tex-Mex. We quote absurd lines from movies and do outdoor things like hike (while complaining about hiking). Our rule-following German Shepherd thinks being off-leash at the dog park is total anarchy.