Paige King

Wrong Kind of Mud Bath

Wallowing is not a pretty word. Quite the opposite, as it evokes images of pigs rolling around in mud. Wallowing lends itself to filth. For many animals, wallowing is essential to their well-being. They get down in the muck and coat their bodies to stay cool and keep bugs away. There have even been studies done on why pigs wallow even in colder temperatures, and the highly scientific conclusion...

Learn and Do

Shout out all the people of the world who aren't satisfied with pat answers to their burning questions. I admire those who keep digging deeper and deeper until they've uncovered more answers than the rest of us care to know. Like why we have to go to the bathroom. Most of us are satisfied to know that our bodies expel excess fluids we don't need. Nephrologists, however, know precisely how each...

delicately indestructible

Yesterday I learned about Prince Rupert’s Drops for the first time. I don't know what took so long except that I'm into Biology, not Physics. My Physics professor would attest to this. Thanks to my cousins Clint and Andrew, I'm no longer ignorant of the phenomenon that is Prince Rupert’s Drop, and I'm astounded. They’re produced when molten glass is dripped into cold water, causing the glass to...

About Stephanie


I am a biologist and former high school science teacher with a loud family. My husband, kids, and I like big dogs and Tex-Mex. We quote absurd lines from movies and do outdoor things like hike (while complaining about hiking). Our rule-following German Shepherd thinks being off-leash at the dog park is total anarchy.