Paige King

delicately indestructible

Yesterday I learned about Prince Rupert’s Drops for the first time. I don't know what took so long except that I'm into Biology, not Physics. My Physics professor would attest to this. Thanks to my cousins Clint and Andrew, I'm no longer ignorant of the phenomenon that is Prince Rupert’s Drop, and I'm astounded. They’re produced when molten glass is dripped into cold water, causing the glass to...

hold your friends up

I’ve been doing an arm workout that involves holding them out at shoulder height for four hours. Not really. It only feels like four hours because of the burning in my shoulders after the first ninety seconds. It’s only seven minutes total, and they’re the longest seven minutes of my entire day. I have yet to get through it without dropping my arms a few times. Please don’t look at them to see...

failure is not an option

Yesterday my husband asked me to re-hem his suit pants. It’s an easy enough task on the sewing machine, but it wasn’t cooperating. The thread became such a tangled mess that what should have been a ten-minute repair turned into over an hour of troubleshooting, trying again, and cutting thread. So. Much. Thread. Total sewing failure. Those pants were moments away from becoming frayed capris...

About Stephanie


I am a biologist and former high school science teacher with a loud family. My husband, kids, and I like big dogs and Tex-Mex. We quote absurd lines from movies and do outdoor things like hike (while complaining about hiking). Our rule-following German Shepherd thinks being off-leash at the dog park is total anarchy.