where you lead

by | Aug 29, 2023 | blog

In 2020, we got a new puppy about six weeks before the dark time when all there was to do was sit through Zoom meetings and walk our dogs seventeen times a day. Back then, I wrote about how my stubborn puppy refused to walk if anyone but her was holding her leash. Which, of course, is silly because how often do you see dogs out in public walking themselves on leashes? Regardless, she demanded to have all the control. Training her taught me that I am her. I tell God how things are going to go all the time.

Well it’s three and a half years later, and I’m still at it. When my good plans get thrown off, I let God know what to do to put things back on course. So far this hasn’t been a fruitful endeavor, so I’m not sure why it’s still my go to. Like, this hasn’t been working for forty-x years, but THIS time it might!

Sometimes I have the audacity in Christ to ask Him to do something so huge that there’s no doubt it came from Him instead of from me. What’s so amazing about a relationship with the Creator of the universe is that when I ask Him to do that believing that He will, He does! Then I forget to get out of His way and let Him. But I am learning-ever so slowly- to trust that His ways are better than I could imagine. Like my dog who learned to be led on a leash, I am learning to follow and trust and to be less bossy with The Almighty and simply marvel that if my way doesn’t work out, it means He’s about to do something immeasurably greater.