I write sometimes

by | Nov 22, 2022 | blog

My goal for 2022 (not to be confused with a resolution, which this was decidedly not) was to write a full-length novel. I wanted it to be a work of fiction that meets Christian readers where they are-in the hot mess thick of life-and entertains them without the unnecessary bawdiness that pervades secular fiction. I think I have achieved the latter, and I’m praying that the former is also true.

I’ve always written, and the endless cast of characters and stories that fill my brain are probably worthy of psychological analysis. Maybe. Do most people have action adventures and rom coms playing out in their minds on the daily? Sending the endless stream of words and situations into the ether frees up head space for more of them to form, and hopefully some of them also bless others as I share lessons God has taught me through the mundane and the extraordinary.

I squelched my inner writer for years because it felt like a pipe dream that was interfering with my ability to earn income, take care of the house, or be the wife and mother I’m called to be. In the squelching though, I began to hear the Holy Spirit speak into me, loudly at times, through sermons, daily devotionals, humans, and a number of unexpected avenues that I am supposed to write, regardless of the time investment or financial outcome.

Apparently, with writing comes the need for fancy websites and tons of followers who hang upon your every word. This is my third attempt at a website. THIRD! And do you know why? Because sarcasm and witticisms are my jam, while technology is the bane of my existence! So I hope you will peruse my blog and drum up a throng of supporters who are dying to read my new novel cover-to-cover while giving me immense grace for my internet presence. You know that phrase, “she has a face for radio?” Well I have a pen for reclusive musings in a dark cabin by a fire, not for the world wide web.